APEC Water Systems WH-SOLUTION-15 Review {Updated May 2024}

If you are on a mission to find a whole house water filter and an entire water softener solution, you may come across APEC. APEC as a brand is well trusted throughout the industry. Due to the various systems to choose from, you may find it difficult to identify the right option for your needs. Water Softener Solutions has made it their mission to ensure that consumers can make the most well-informed purchasing decision when they are looking for a water softener or water filters. By the end of this review, you should be able to tell whether or not the APEC Water Systems WH-SOLUTION-15 is right for your home.


WH-SOLUTION-15 by APEC Water Systems

Meant For Homes With 3 to 6 Rooms

This system is designed to work well for homes with as little as 3 and as much as 6 bathrooms.

Remove Harmful Chemicals From Water

This system is designed to not only soften water, but it is capable of removing all of the harsh, abrasive, and harmful chemicals from your water. It can also get rid of odors that stem from these chemicals including chlorine.

Salt-Free Conditioner

This system is designed to work completely salt-free. This gives the system the ability to fight back on the building up of scaling. Because of this, it can maximize the lifespan of the plumbing throughout your entire home. It also happens to be much better for those who suffer from high blood pressure because there won’t be excessive levels of salt in the water.

APEC Water Systems WH-SOLUTION-15
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Benefits Of WH-SOLUTION-15

  1. Salt-Free Saves A Lot Of Traditional Hassle

As mentioned, this water softener system is completely salt-free. This makes it a superior option for a variety of reasons. While traditional salt-based systems do work well, they present a lot of problems that can be avoided with salt-free systems. For one, salt-based systems require added maintenance. With this system, because it’s salt-free, it doesn’t require the normal maintenance that a traditional salt-based system would. This means there are no salt bags to worry about, no backwash, and no system cleaning. It also means you don’t have to worry about your water reducing soap lather or even harming the environment.

  1. Save Your Appliances

This system performs exceptionally well. It is capable of reducing any existing scale and preventing future build-up. It utilizes advanced ceramic media to both attract and neutralize the properties of hard water. Therefore, if you have hard water in your home, you will be able to minimize the negative impact of the hard water on your appliances. Having scale buildup is one of the things that can significantly reduce the lifespan of your expensive appliances.

  1. Save Your Skin and Hair

By installing a water softener system like this, you will be able to give yourself spa-like water which can help improve the texture and health of your skin and hair. If you’ve tested your water and found it to contain high amounts of chlorine, you will benefit greatly from having chlorine-free water.


  • Brand

APEC is a brand that you can trust. APEC has been around for over 20 years which means you are getting a water system from a company that has the requisite experience in the industry. When buying something integral to your plumbing as a water softener system, you want to ensure that the brand is trusted and reliable. APEC is known to produce some of the best systems and they use heavy-duty materials and components to keep the systems long-lasting.

  • Filter and Softener

The APEC Water Systems WH-SOLUTION-15 is a comprehensive filtration and softener system that you can count on to give you everything you need. This whole house system comes with a 10″ pre-treatment sediment filter which cycles water to the green carbon filter and then pushes it through the Futura salt-free and anti-scale stage. This means you are getting clean and softer water throughout your entire home.

  • Easy Installation

This whole house system is very easy to install. It does require basic plumbing experience and knowledge, but it’s not as difficult as some of the other systems available to choose from.


  • Hard Water Stains

The biggest downside that comes with this water softener system stems from its being a salt-free water conditioner. While salt-free comes with a lot of inherent benefits, it isn’t as good as traditional salt-based softener systems in reducing hard spots. Because of this, you should expect to have hard spots visible even after installation.

Is It Worth It?

If you are seeking a salt-free water filter and softener solution for 3 to 6 bathrooms, it’s hard to beat the APEC WH-SOLUTION-15 for its price. You are getting a whole house system that is capable of delivering on virtually all fronts which makes it a recommended buy for anyone. As long as you can deal with the small limitations of having a salt-free system with its inability to get rid of water spots entirely, it’s more than worth it.

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