Apec Futura-10 Review {Updated July 2024}

APEC Water Systems FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner / Softener Review

APEC Water Systems is well-known as one of the industry leaders for producing innovative water systems specifically designed for reliability, durability, and performance. These include the FUTURA-10 water conditioner and whole-house salt-free water softeners.

The APEC Water Systems FUTURA-10 is one of the most durable and robust salt-free conditioners currently available, that provides an outstanding softening capability. These units are only water conditioning systems, but APEC also offers 2 other models within this category, equipped with additional filters.

Apec Futura-10 Review

Reasons To Trust Water Softener Solutions

Water Softener Solutions is a company that feels strongly when it comes to clean pure water. They also believe that many people can benefit greatly from softened, purified, and filtered water in their homes. In fact, purity and clarity are what this business stands for.

This is why Water Softener Solutions works hard to provide their valued audiences with impartial and precise analysis, along with detailed industry information required to make more informed purchases. Customers can rely on their evaluations when it comes to a wide range of water treatment and softener systems, backed by honest consumer reviews and hard facts. That’s why you can be confident in this Apec Futura-10 Review.

FUTURA-10 Anti-Scale, Salt-Free Water Conditioner – Overview

The APEC FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner is one of the latest advancements when it comes to water-treatment technology. This unique system does not require the use of corrosive chemicals or salt to condition water. The ceramic media in these units attracts and then neutralizes “hard water” properties, without using backwashing, electricity, or regeneration.

With a flow-rate of 10-gallons per-minute, these units easily provide an adequate supply of water throughout your home, without having to worry about pressure drops. You also won’t have to worry about having to wait for your water supply to return, since the system doesn’t need to regenerate. With this in mind, this system is only suitable for houses that have a water hardness level below 25-grains per-gallon. Within this range, this system is incredible.

Without the need for salt, electricity, or backwashing, these systems are just about maintenance-free. They also come with an impressive 10-year warranty, providing customers with peace-of-mind. More importantly, water produced by these systems is of the highest quality. Many customers mention how they enjoy the refreshing, crisp taste, and that it is an excellent deterrent for common issues such as hard-water spots.

apec futura 10
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Virtually maintenance-free
Impressive 10 GPM flow-rate
Safe for plants
Comes with an impressive 10-year warranty


This system is only suited to water-hardness levels that fall below 25-grains per gallon


  • All-Natural Prevention And Reduction

FUTURA uses an innovative ceramic media that attracts and neutralizes hard-water properties. The process is safe and natural without the need to add chemicals or salt to your water. The result includes enjoying softer hair and skin, along with brighter clothes.

  • Long-Lasting Protection For Appliances And Plumbing

The FUTURA-10 Anti-Scale, Salt-Free Water Conditioner offers an effective method to protect pipes in your home from corrosion and scale buildup. This will ensure that plumbed appliances in your home will work better and last longer. This includes your dishwasher, water heater, and your washing machine.

  • Easy To Maintain And Install

These devices connect to the main-water supply-line in your home, and these single-tank systems are easy to set-up. There is also no need for drainage, electricity, or wastewater. With this system, you won’t have to worry about storing, adding, or replacing those heavy and cumbersome salt bags.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Without adding chemicals or salt into your water, these systems are great for your garden and lawn, and also safe for your pets, or for a family member that is on a low-sodium diet.


  • Ideal for homes with 1 to 3 bathrooms, with a 10-gallons per minute flow rate, these systems are effective when it comes to preventing scale buildup while prolonging the lifespan of home appliances and pipes without the need for salt or harsh chemicals.
  • The unit is easy to set-up and will last for many years. These virtually maintenance-free systems do not require backwash or drainage, or those troublesome salt replacements.
  • The FUTURA-10 conditions water without leaving behind a slimy feeling, and also provides a much easier way to clean up hard-water spots left on dishes, windows, and cars.
  • Without discharging chemicals or salt into your water, this system is completely safe for your plants, while helping to reduce various health risks.
  • This system comes with an impressive 10-year limited warranty and lifetime support directly from the manufacturer.

Why Should You Buy The APEC Water Systems FUTURA-10 Water Conditioner-Softener

For safe and worry-free water you and your family can trust and rely on, we definitely feel that the APEC FUTURA-10 Salt-Free Whole House Water Softener is one of those premium products with a price tag to match. With expert support and an impressive warranty, this is one of the safest water softeners on the market.

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